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Employment Contracts

An employment contract can make an enormous difference in an employee’s rights and responsibilities under the law.  On the positive side, an employee can gain new protections and better terms of employment than the minimums required by law otherwise.  On the negative side, an employee may unwittingly give up important rights she might otherwise have.  Focusing on these is of crucial importance both in reviewing and/or negotiating a contract before it is signed, and in handling a contract disputes after it has been signed.

Non-Competition Agreements

A non-competition agreement (“non-compete”) is a contract in which you promise not to compete with your employer after you leave your job. Each non-competition agreement (or clause) is written differently. Some are narrow and reasonable; others are very broad and incredibly damaging to a career. Violating them is an enormous legal risk. You should always seek advice from a lawyer before signing any non-compete or upon receiving any threat by a former employer that they intend to take action against you for violating some kind of restrictive covenant you already have signed. Some non-competes can be defeated in court; others cannot. You need advice on your options, your legal risks, and how to plan for your future.

Severance and Separation Agreements

Severance and separation agreements are sometimes offered to employees as they leave a job, usually (but not always) when it is a discharge rather than a resignation.  Just like any other contract, you should have competent counsel review them before you sign them, and potentially advise you on negotiating better terms.

An employment agreement or executive agreement is a legal document generally entered into before the start of the employment relationship between an executive and an employer that sets forth the material terms of the relationship. It can include the duration of employment, the compensation, benefits, and equity arrangements, and the duties and responsibilities of the employee and employer. It can also include obligations of the employee such as non-competition, non-solicitation, confidentiality, and preserving trade secrets. Employment agreements may also establish the venue and choice of law when a dispute arises as well as a mechanism for dispute resolution. Again, understanding what you would be signing, and considering whether to negotiate for better terms, is of crucial importance.

Our Experience

Our employment lawyer, John Davidson, has reviewed thousands of employment, non-compete, and severance contracts in the past 27 years. For more information about Mr. Davidson, please click here.  

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