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Virginia Child Support

How is Child Support Determined?

Virginia Code § 20-108.2 is the Virginia law governing child support. The law requires judges to calculate child support using a specific method. In many cases, our lawyers will be able to provide you with the exact amount that a court would award in child support. Oher times, calculating the amount of child support is more complex.  For instance, there may be a dispute over how much a parent is earning (or should be earning), a child is disabled, the parties have excessive transportation costs, or either parent is self-employed. In these situations, the knowledge and experience of a skilled child support lawyer is an invaluable asset.

Our Experience

Our child support lawyer, John Kitzmann, has handled hundreds of family law cases. He has over a decade of business law experience, which gives us a unique advantage if either parent is self-employed or there are questions about business income or taxes. He has edited premier legal journals and has authored scholarly pieces for law reviews.  He has been retained by other lawyers specifically for the purpose of using our experience to assist them. And he is a frequent lecturer on family law matters.

Helping You Resolve Child Support Disputes

If you want to attempt to reach an agreement with the other parent on your own or through mediation, our child support lawyers can provide you with the information you need. Or, if you want a child support lawyer to negotiate on your behalf, we have the skill and knowledge necessary to represent your interests in a negotiation. In the event an agreement cannot be reached, our child support lawyers have the knowledge and experience to aggressively represent your interests at trial or on appeal.

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Charlottesville Child Support Lawyers and Attorneys

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